Semi-Permanent Makeup

“Wake up with Makeup”

Our technician uses a hand held tool that will give natural, crisp hair strokes. Digital techniques can also give crisp hair strokes and add definition and shading for a bolder more made up look.

Our in-house technician can fully advise you on your perfect, individual looking brow during a one to one consultation carried out in our dedicated, private consultation room. Our technician will also fully explain the procedure, carry out a skin test to ensure the pigment will take to your skin and go though a comprehensive medical questionnaire, our clients welfare is our main priority.

Transform the Look of Your Brows

Semi Permanent make up is suitable for everyone and corrects patchy, over-plucked brows that need thickening and defining. A high-quality, organic pigment is deposited into the superficial dermis of the skin, which allows our technician to create bespoke, crisp hair strokes that resemble natural brow hair.


Your Package

The semi-permanent package includes a 30-minute consultation, the initial procedure, and an aftercare pack as well as a refreshing colour boost 4 to 6 weeks later. This professional package means that you can achieve permanent, perfect brows without the hassle of filling them in each day.

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Medical Tattooing

Our in house specialist Donna, is now a fully qualified Medical Tattooing technician and Hair to Ware are excited to offer this new service within the salon. This treatment is a ground breaking solution for body imperfections ranging from the reconstruction of the areola post surgery to camouflaging scar tissue on any part of the body.



Examples of how we can help you with Medical Tattooing

  • Areola reconstruction
  • 3D nipple enhancement
  • Adjust and camouflage of the nipple/areola
  • Eyebrow tattooing for compromised skin
  • Minimizing surgical scarring or pigmenting with skin camouflage colour techniques or collagen stimulators
  • Improving trauma and surgical scars
  • Vitiligo
  • Skin graft damage
  • Burns damage
  • Acne concealment
  • Stretch mark concealment 

Please get in touch with the salon for more information on how we can help you and to book a confidential consultation, carried out in our specialist, private room

Prices start at £100 per hour, please call us to arrange a consultation for a more comprehensive price

Due to the sensitive nature of this procedure our portfolio of work can be viewed in the salon with our technician.

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Semi-Permanent Makeup

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